I am absolutely thrilled to be part of one of the teams making films for the Tulsa edition of Dances Made to Order, premiering September 18. This kind of cross-disciplinary work really gets me going. It means conversations, improvisations, and the breaking-open of process — all of which is food for every artist involved, even the ones who already work together frequently. The Tulsa teams are Geoffrey Hicks and me, Michael J. Lopez and Jennifer Alden of Portico Dans Theatre, and Jessica Vokoun and Rachel Bruce Johnson (who is curating this edition). Each team will make a 5-6 minute dance film based around themes chosen by DMTO’s audience. Once the films premiere, you can see all three online, anytime, for just under seven bucks. Take a look at this smart, spunky interview with Johnson about the project. See you at DMTO on September 18!



Dances Made to Order is a monthly, online, dance film series. Every month we feature talented artists who rise to the challenge to each create a five-minute dance film inspired by the themes chosen by our audience. We are proud to present Edition #28 curated by Rachel Johnson.
Featuring: Alicia Chesser, Jennifer Alden and Michael J. Lopez of Portico Dans Theatre and Rachel Johnson in collaboration with Jessica Vokoun

Visit: http://dancesmadetoorder.com/

Select the ideas that will inspire our artists’ films from August 21-23 at midnight.

Get your tickets!
Edition #28 is $6.75 (includes all three films)
Season passes are $50 and includes all films created from Jan-Nov 2013.

Your donation goes back to our artists to support their work.

Watch the Edition 28 films exclusively on Dances Made to Order from your computer or favorite mobile device when they premiere on Wed, Sept 18. 



I am excited to be curating the…

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