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The Exchange Dance Festival, presented by Bell House Arts, is coming up August 10-12 at Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K, and they’ve got a beautiful new poster out today to get you excited for a weekend of intelligent dialogue and exploration — two things for which festival founder and organizer Rachel Bruce Johnson has a special gift.

Exchange, now in its third year, is at heart a community-building event as much as a dance-exploring one. It brings together emerging and established artists from around the country to learn, to share their work, and to be challenged and grow. Last year’s event delivered education and inspiration on everything from contact improvisation and Erick Hawkins technique to dance-for-camera and performance process. Workshops, classes, concerts, discussion — it’s everything a dancer or dancemaker could want.

It’s community that makes this art possible. It’s community that allows us to connect, with each other and with those who come to share in our efforts. Come spend some time with the Bell House and friends in August and see how the process of “exchange” helps the community of dance artists — and through them, the community at large — thrive.

Here and here and here are links to three posts I did on the Exchange festival last year. I’m telling you, it’s inspiring. Come on out and see.