Lest there be any doubt that many, many cool things are in fact happening contemporary-dance-wise in Tulsa, here’s a short list of local work going on right now.

• This very night, Portico Dans Theatre opens its “Super Suite,” a massive musical-theatre-dance-multimedia extravaganza, which runs at the PAC all weekend.

• The Bell House is preparing for the 2011 EXCHANGE Dance Choreography Festival, to be held August 5-7 at Holland Hall. (Didn’t know Tulsa hosted a choreography festival? With dancers and dancemakers coming from all over the country to participate? Now you do.)

• At EXCHANGE, there’s a gala performance at 7:30 pm on August 6 that’s open to the public. I get to perform a duet that night with Rachel Bruce Johnson, who teaches modern dance at ORU and helps run the festival. Rachel and I have had amazing fun creating this piece with choreographer Melody Ruffin-Ward, one of the festival’s faculty. Other featured performers, all doing original work, include Out on a Limb Dance, Fresno Dance Collective, Inlet Dance Theatre, Turning House, and Tulsa’s own Living Water Dance Company.

• Tulsa Modern Movement, which just finished performing “Suchness,” a site-specific piece on the bank of the Arkansas River, is starting work on a new piece, an expanded version of Nina Madsen’s “Between Us,” which premiered at the XVIII Contemporary Dance New Genre Festival.

• Several groups are preparing submissions of dance-on-camera work to the Oklahoma Dance Film Festival. Deadline is August 15, if you’re of a notion to submit something! This is the 5th year for this festival, which receives submissions from all over the world.

I’ll be posting more about all these events as they develop!