It’s a well-known fact that many cities “between the coasts” boast thriving contemporary dance scenes. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is one of them: local companies present original work here throughout the year, not to mention the cutting-edge, world-class choreography Tulsa Ballet fosters in its “Creations in Studio K” series. What’s not as well-known is what really goes on in the day-to-day creative lives of those involved.

I’m a dancer here in Tulsa, and I also write about dance for local and international publications. At “Tulsa Dances” you can expect free-flowing, wide-ranging posts, featuring interviews about works in process (including some I’m involved with and thus won’t write about elsewhere), rehearsal and pre-production photos, discussions of choreographic technique and intention, and the like. You’ll find portraits of local and visiting artists as they explore, challenge, and refine their art. You’ll find passionate people doing the sometimes not-so-beautiful things it takes to create something beautiful. Or something that makes your skin crawl. Or something that moves you to tears and reminds you what a wonder it is to be alive in that body of yours.

Until the curtain goes down, you just never know where dancers are going to take you. “Tulsa Dances” will give a glimpse of how they take you there.